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The Faculty of Basic Sciences

Date post: 02-04-2014



Organizational Structure:



Full name



 Nguyen Quoc Huy, M.A.



 Le Vu Truong, M.A. student



 Pham Thi Anh Nguyet

 Library officer


 Nguyen Thi Kieu Nguyen, B.A.

Library officer


 Le Thi Mong Hoai, B.A.

Library officer


 Le Thanh Hieu, B.A.



The Faculty of Basic Sciences is one of the faculties having highly professional activities, comprehensive investment, and oriented and sustainable development in scientific research and teaching. Its duties are to teach the general education subjects for the entire school; promote academic research, and standardize the teaching staff with high academic degrees contributed to the development of Mekong University. In addition, the Faculty is in charge of managing and operating the school's electronic library.



- Functions :

   Its functions are to assist the Board of Administrators in managing, developing and exploring documents on culture, science and technology, serving the fields of training and scientific research of the school.

- Missions:

1. Being responsible for researching, gathering, processing and organizing to provide information, domestic and foreign materials on science and technology, serving the school's activities.

2. Offering advices to help the Board of Administrators build the development planning, plans for long and short-term activities of the library, meeting the needs of teaching, learning and doing research of the school.

3. Organizing, arranging, storing, and preserving the documents efficiently; receiving publications from the school: Doctoral dissertation, M.A. thesis, books, newspapers, magazines, conference materials, scientific conferences, the acknowledged research of different levels.

4. Building a lookup system to find relevant information; establishing an automatic network of searching and accessing information; developing the school's particular databases in the form of folders, full text; compiling, publishing the information publications, summary information, topics, selected to serve the training, research, and management of the school.

   Facilitating all readers in the school to conveniently and efficiently exploit and use the 2. library materials and external sources through the form of direct reading at the library, home loan, or internet access.

3. Guiding readers to look up, search, exploit the effective use of library resources in accordance with the provisions of the law on intellectual property rights.

7. Organizing and fostering professional skills, foreign languages and computer skills for the library staff to develop the human resources in order to improve the working quality and effectiveness.

8. Cooperating with the domestic and foreign universities in the field of coordination, supplementation, and exchange of documents, sharing resources of information, knowledge, professional experience, information network exploitation.

9. Managing properties as assigned by the Rector: periodically preserving and inventorying documents, facilities and other properties of the library.

10. Performing periodic reports monthly, quarterly, in a 6-month period, yearly and sudden reports on the activities of the Library to the Board of Administrators.

11. Making proposals to purchase additional books for the library annually .




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