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A Session of Career Counseling and Recruitment in 2014

Date post: 07-03-2013

A Session of Career Counseling and Recruitment in 2014



In the afternoon of March 07, 2014, Mekong University in collaboration with the Department of Education and Training of Vinh Long Province organized a session of career counseling and recruitment in 2014 with the participation of over 400 students and parents of 12th grade students from some high schools in Tam Binh District, Vinh Long Province: Long Phu High School, Phu Thinh High School, and Phan Van Hoa High School.

The guests attending the counseling session were Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Khuong - Head of the Office of Professional Education of Vinh Long Province; Head of the Organization Board of the program; Member of Advisory Board, together with representatives of vocational schools, colleges, and universities in and outside the province: Hong Bang International University- HCM City, Tay Do University, Mien Tay Construction University, Mekong University, Vinh Long Community College, Vinh Long Teacher Training College, Vinh Long College of Economics and Finance, Vinh Long University of Technology Education, Medical Intermediate School of Vinh Long and Vinh Long Military Command, etc.

At the beginning of the counseling session, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Khuong - Head of the Office of Professional Education of Vinh Long Province provided students with the latest information of the entrance exam this year. Then, the students were constantly asking questions about the training majors, the number of students recruited of the schools. The students' questions mainly focused on the training fields that greatly interested them such as Engineering, Military, Business English, Architecture, Pharmacy, Business Administration, Information Technology, etc. They were also interested in job opportunities after graduation, and policies for students. The questions were answered by the Advisory Board thoroughly, specifically and completely and therefore convinced by all students and parents. In this counseling session, the schools' representatives also awarded 20 scholarships to good students who were in difficult circumstances, and each student received VND 500,000.

Representatives of Advisory Board are answering students' questions  

The students are very interested in career selection

Representatives of schools awarded scholarships for poor students with good academic results 

A great number of students are participating in the program


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