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Office of higher educational testing and quality assurance

Date post: 11-04-2014




Organizational Structure:



Full name



 Le Thi Loc Mai, M.A.



 Phan Ngoc Dien, M.A. Candidate

Deputy Head


 Nguyen Thi Cam Tu, B.A.



 Le Thi Diem Kieu, B.A.



 Le Thi Bich Phuong, B.A.



 Lam Huu Tuan, B.A.



 Pham Quoc Truong, B.A.



 Vo Thi Diem, B.A.



 Nguyen Huy Hoang, B.A.



1. Functions:

The Office of Higher Education Testing and Quality Assurance implements all activities related to education and testing fields; coordinating with faculties and units to organize exams, manage the exam papers and test scores of students.

Advising and assisting the Board of Administrators in the educational quality testing; implementing the profession of training quality testing to ensure the educational quality under the General Regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training; preparing the conditions for keeping up with other universities in the region and the country.

2. Missions:

a. Testing work:

1. Building and submitting to the Board of Administrators to issue guidelines for the testing work, and educational quality testing; guiding and monitoring the implementation of these documents at units in the university.

2. Organizing entrance examinations, semester, and graduation examinations in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training;

3. Coordinating with the Office of Academic Affairs to organize, and implement the work of enrollment under the general Regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training; specializing in the mission of examination tests, marking examination papers.

4. Coordinating with faculties, the professional departments to build the bank of tests for each subject; proposing the improvements of exam methods in accordance with the training requirements of each major and system;

5. Coordinating with the relevant Faculties, Departments, Offices to organize examinations, print and copy the final tests  and implement the procedures of marking the exam papers for the exams in the entire university in accordance with the Regulations;

6. Evaluating the work of marking exam papers; analyzing and comparing the results of each subject over the years;


7. Managing and being responsible for students' test scores in written text and data files; transferring the students' score data to the relevant units for management.

8. Implementing the work of storing, and keeping secrets of the exam tests and papers in accordance with the current regulations.

b. Quality assurance work:

      1. Developing and monitoring the operations of the training quality assurance system in the university; guiding and supporting other units to implement the work of the educational quality testing; completing the self-assessment plan; testing the training programs and taking steps to keep up with other universities in the whole country.

2. Organizing the implementation of the course evaluation forms; aggregating the assessment results for reporting to the Board of Administrators in each semester.

3. Performing the synthesis and periodic reports on exam work, and the exam results to the Rector; assessing the quality of training as required by superiors.

4. Receiving and solving all kinds of applications, records, documents relating to the work of testing and training quality testing.



Nguồn: mku.edu.vn

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