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Center for Student Assistance and Business Relations

Date post: 17-04-2014


(Established under Decision No. 278/QD-DCL, dated September 11, 2009)


 1. Functions:

The center’s functions are to collaborate with other units in the university to implement the consulting program, support students in learning and life, counsel employment, introduce the human resources for businesses; observe the students’ working situations as well as the percentage of students employed after graduation.

The Center's staff also search, build and maintain the relations with businesses, and work as a bridge between them and students when they have demands.

2. Missions:

* The student support activities:

1. Studies: Online counseling, updating and providing academic information for students.

2. Consulting information for students; supporting them in learning, scientific research; supporting students to find places for internships.

3. Searching and introducing full-time or part- time jobs for students to earn money and increase their practical experience; introducing accommodation to students, and supporting them to register train tickets, etc.

4. Providing employment information of businesses to students via listing and notifying by phone, and on the university's website .

5. Combining with other units, the personnel companies to organize the sessions of training the complementary skills for students.

6. Combining with the functional units, the companies of event organization to hold " Job Fair " for final year students of the university as well as other universities in the Province.

7. Surveying students' employment situation after graduation and receiving the feedback from the businesses, units in particular and the society in general about the training programs, the shortcomings, the advantages by organizing the sessions " Customers' conferences", and advising the Board of Administrators in reforming the programs and enhancing the training quality.

8. Contributing to promoting the image of the university and students to the whole society through its activities; finding the scholarships from supporters for students, as well as the fundings, contributions to the university from the society.

* The cooperation activities with enterprises :

1. Searching, constructing and maintaining the friendly relations and cooperation with other units, and enterprises inside and outside the province; signing the bilateral cooperation texts of mutual benefits in the field of " Education - Scientific Research - Human Resource Use " between the enterprises and the university.

2. Noting the comments of the units, the enterprises in the professional requirements required for graduates of the university and the society in general through the relationships with the enterprises; training upon request that the Party, Government and society have required.

3. Taking advantage of the valuable experience of the units, enterprises through the invitation of good business leaders, officers, and employees to the university for teaching, thematic reports, guidelines for students' practice; advising the units, enterprises to assist, receive students' internships, especially the last year students.




Full name



 Mai Quoc Viet, B.A.

 Deputy Director


 Hoang Thi Huong, B.A.



 Nguyen Van Chau, B.A.




Nguồn: mku.edu.vn

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