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The Center for Network Information Management

Date post: 17-04-2014



      The Center for Network Information Management was established under the Decision No. 50/QĐ-DCL dated February 06, 2009 by the Board of Administrators of Mekong University. The center has been equipped with a network system and good equipment in order to meet the demands of the computerized management and training system of the university. The website www.mku.edu.vn is written in two languages: Vietnamese and English.

1. Functions:

Under the Board of Administrators' direct control,the Center for Network Information Management undertakes the following functions:

1. Offering advice to the Board of Administrators about information, techniques; and developing solutions to Information Technology and Communications that can be applied in the school's network .

2. Managing the school's information system; improving the capacity of information exploitation and  the use of internet network service of the school.

3. Managing, operating and maintaining activities of Server, Host, server of the training system, guaranteeing the continuous and efficient operations serving the management system of students, training, E-library and website .

4. Administrating the website; providing services of information, electronic materials; updating information ; spreading the brand  and  image  of  Mekong University to the outside world.

5. Collecting information to make periodic reports on the current status of information exploitation and use of the school 's network system.

2. Missions:

1. Managing and configuring the infrastructure equipment in the network system and making regular maintenance to ensure the operational efficiency of the system.

2. Overcoming and handling the technical issues of computers and the network system of the school.

3. Managing the website and e-portals of the school; regularly updating the latest and the most accurate information of Offices, Faculties and Centers of the university on the website.

4. Uploading the necessary and important information of the Ministry and levels of government on specialized information websites.

5. Guaranteeing the stability of the network transmission and wifi system, serving the communications among Offices, Faculties, and Centers, and serving the teaching of the staffs and students’ learning and doing research.

6. Configuring, establishing and maintaining the services on Server; regularly making data backups and monitoring the operational status of the system.

7. Ensuring the network security and preventing the unauthorized access to the system; making sure that the network connection is always in a safe, secure, stable state and efficient operation.

8. Maintaining and repairing the softwares of computer offices to serve the lecturers’ teaching and students’ practice.





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