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Office of research management - postgraduate studies and international relations

Date post: 17-05-2014




Organizational Structure:



Full name


1  Ma Duc, M.A  Officer


 Le Hoang Giang, B.A.



 Nguyen Thi Kim Cuong, B.A.



 Nguyen Thanh Tam, B.A.



1. Functions:

           Offering advice, assisting and taking responsibility before the Rector in management, planning, implementation of scientific research, technology transfer, Postgraduate Training Management and international relations; searching, constructing, managing local and foreign projects.

2. Missions:

* Regarding research management

1. Being responsible for drafting to submit to the Rector in issuing rules and regulations on the management of scientific research, technological development, and coordinating with the Faculties for scientific research planning.

2. Building orientation, plans for scientific research and technology transfer.

3. Proposing the Rector to allocate budget for scientific research and technology development for units annually, basing on scientific research budget

4. Monitoring and inspecting the capital used in scientific research, and technology deployment .

5. Monitoring and inspecting units in the university in the implementation of plans, progress, and the research contents; having preliminary and final review of scientific activities each semester and academic year; proposing to offer rewards for those who have initiatives, and inventions in the field of scientific research.

6. Coordinating with the Faculties, Offices, Centers, Institutes in finding supports to enhance facilities, serving scientific research.

7. Coordinating with other units to spread scientific information within and outside the university; organizing scientific conferences of the university; and holding scientific research for students.

8. Coordinating with the Faculties, Offices, Centers, Institutes in scientific research cooperation with domestic and foreign units; effectively learning, selecting projects, programs, partners to submit to the Rector for decision.

9. Coordinating with the Faculties and the Office of Personnel and Administration in managing and updating the staffs' records of scientific curricular vitae in the university.

10. Being responsible for the management, registration of intellectual property rights, utility solutions and commercialization of the scientific research results  of the officers, lecturers and students.

* Regarding postgraduate training management

1. Developing plans for development of postgraduate training for the university's disciplines prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training, in accordance with the general development of the university.

2. Proposing the direction of development, collaborating with universities, institutes and domestic and foreign research institutes in training, fostering postgraduate as prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training and the university.

3. Coordinating with the Faculties, Departments, functional units in building the training goals, completing the contents, programs, curricula, learning materials, teaching methods, managing the training projects, postgraduate training.

4. Coordinating with Faculties and functional units in regularly implement the plans, supervising the teaching and proposing the remuneration for teachers; monitoring the students' learning;  informing the teaching plans and duties to the Faculties, Department; collaborating with the units in proper and effective use of the classrooms, laboratories, libraries, etc.

5. Being a Standing Council for Postgraduate Enrollment; collaborating with the Faculties, Office of Higher Educational Testing and Quality Assurance; making proposals, implementing enrollment targets; informing, and receiving the enrollment records; planning the enrollment standard scores submitted to the Council for consideration and approval.

6. Coordinating with the Faculties, functional Departments to hold the entrance exams, exams for semesters, store the Postgraduate records, and the relevant documents as prescribed.

7. Proposing a list of the Council for Master Thesis Assessment; guiding procedures of topics, judgment assignment and defense of Master thesis under the provisions of the Ministry of Education and Training and the university.

8. Managing the issue of Master's degrees as prescribed.

9. Receiving and coordinating with the units in processing papers, records relating to postgraduate training.

10. Implementing the synthesis of postgraduate training statistics as required by the university and superiors.

* Regarding international relations

1. Receiving information from outside the university and transferring the information to the respective functional units (except for specific functions prescribed by the Office of Personnel and Administration).

2. Building a team of specialized staffs with high qualifications and capacity to effectively implement the external relations.

3. Constructing the plans for cooperation development and spreading the image of the university.

4. Actively seeking and maintaining the relationships with external partners (individuals and organizations) having the ability and prestige in the field of training and scientific research to introduce to the units and suggest the Rector to establish the relationships.

5. Coordinating with other units in the university in construction and management of the international cooperation projects (projects with foreign elements, assigned by the Board of Administrators); organizing to sign the documents on cooperation; assigning officials to be responsible for monitoring the implementation, and periodically assessing the external cooperation activities.

6. Organizing conferences, international scientific conferences at university level; coordinating with the functional units in construction / development of the exchange programs, academic exchange with partners.

7. Performing work in the field of international relations: organizing to welcome international delegations; supporting relevant procedures to lecturers, foreign students during their working time at the university; monitoring and evaluating the results and getting experience to advise the Board of Administrators.

8. Preparing, organizing the sessions and recording the meeting minutes of the sessions between the university leaders with foreign delegations; receiving gifts and preparing gifts for foreign guests.

9. Organizing storage, information management, documents, records of international relations with the current regulations; managing programs, activity contents of the university's units and individuals in the field of international cooperation.

10. Coordinating with the Faculties and relevant units in managing foreign students learning at the university.


Nguồn: mku.edu.vn

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