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Office of Student Ideology and Political Affairs

Date post: 11-04-2014



Organizational Structure:



Full name



 Assoc. Prof. Cao Hong Phong, PhD.



 Nguyen Van Chay, B.A.

Secretary of the Youth Union


 Mai Thanh Tam, M.A. Candidate



 Ho Thi Tuyet Thanh, M.A. Candidate



 Bui Thi Hang, B.A.



 Vo Hong Hanh, B.A.



 Le Thanh Vu, B.A.




 Office of Student Ideology and Political Affairs functions to advise and assist the Board of Administrators in political, ideological education, guidelines, laws and policies of the Party, the Government, the regulations of the Ministry and the university for the full time staffs and students; managing education on moral quality, personality, beauty to students of the university.


1. Organizing the implementation of political activities, popularizing events, policies and laws of the Party and the Government for the entire university.

2. Coordinating with the Youth Union, Student Association in the university in education of politics, ideology, morality, personality, lifestyle, rules and regulations of the university for the students.

3. Coordinating with the Office of Facility and Equipment Management to exploit the media of propaganda, serving the education, reception, the festival; organizing the grand ceremonies of the university, the Government and international levels.

4. Organizing a week for citizens' activities for students at the beginning of the school year.

5. Selecting the teams, groups of brilliant students; fostering and training students to join the contests of  the city, ministerial, and national levels.

6. Managing students in political and ideological work, sorting, making statistics of students (religions, parties, ethnics).

7. Coordinating with the Youth Union, Student Association in the university to organize the activities; educating extracurricular activities for students, cultural activities, arts, sports, educating specialized subjects on morality, the activities on drug and social evil prevention, learning of the government's resolutions, laws, and policies of the Party, arts and cultures, etc. and taking responsibility for the content management of activities on ideology of groups, student clubs through the political activities at the beginning of the course .

8. Coordinating with the Faculties to implement the evaluation of students' practice results under the Regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training .

9. Coordinating with the authorities and police of the regions in the province in managing students' residence in order to ensure students' security, prevent crimes, educate students to obey laws.

10. Coordinating with the Faculties, the Office of Academic Affairs in making documents of students' rewards and disciplines to submit the Council for Students' Emulation, Commendation & Discipline .

11. Managing information and creating relationships with alumni; planning the activities for Alumni Association; helping the university offer advice for the training programs, training majors to meet the recruitment needs of society.

12. Being responsible for editing; updating of the university's information to post on the university's website and the radio.

13. Implementing the compilation, statistics, and reports as prescribed.

14. Signing papers, letters of recommendation and certification for students, and internal notices on its functions and missions under the Rector's order. 



Source mku.edu.vn

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