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Faculty of university transfer and joint training

Date post: 11-04-2014



Organizational Structure:


Full name



 Nguyen Tien Thu, PhD.



 Tran Thi Ngoc Tuyet, M.A.

 Vice Dean


 Luong Hoang Trung, B.A.



 Nguyen Quang Minh, B.A.



  It is the pioneer faculty in Mekong University applying the training model based on the credit system. The philosophy of credit-based training regulations is “The Learner is the Center of the Training Process.” Its duties are to train and provide a workforce of engineers and graduates with Bachelor’s Degree in multidisciplinary studies, meeting the demands of human resources for government agencies and enterprises inside and outside the province.

  •   Training majors: Civil Construction Engineering, Bridge & Road Construction Engineering, Accounting, Information Technology, Finance–Banking, Business Administration and English Language
  •   Training Levels:

-On-the-job training (In-service training) (4,5-years)

-University transfer training (1,5 years)

-Associate degree training (2,5 - 3 years)

Civil Construction Engineering (On-the-job training):

   Training engineers in Civil and Industrial Construction capable of planning, designing, constructing, supervising and managing civil and industrial constructions, and managing technical work at building companies.

Employment opportunities:Working for the Construction Department, the Irrigation Department, Irrigation Construction companies, Project Management Board, and Consulting Firms for Construction Designing or operating as private construction contractors.

Bridge & Road Construction Engineering (On-the-job training):

   Training engineers in Bridge and Road Construction, equipped with skills of planning projects, calculating for designing details, managing and monitoring construction of transportation works.

Employment opportunities: Working for Transport Construction Companies, Management Board of Bridge and Road Construction, Construction Supervision Units, Bridge and Road Construction Designing Enterprises and Construction Companies...

Accounting (On-the-job training, university transfer and associate degrees): Training bachelor degree holders capable of operating the work of accounting, internal audit and finance in all types of enterprises; formulating accounting and auditing policies; understanding  procedures for business accounting; and proficiently using business accounting softwares.

Employment Opportunities:Working in the finance and accounting departments in business organizations, security companies, banks, etc. Especially they can serve accounting firms of all kinds, banking, research and training institutions, enterprises of different economic sectors and the companies specializing business accounting.

Information Technology (On-the-job training, university transfer and associate Degrees):

   The training program is designed to train IT engineers who:

- Are knowledgeable of operating systems, computer architecture, basic programming, object- oriented programming, data structure management programming.

- Acquire general knowledge of LAN and WAN, and operate computers serving management with proficiency.

- Know how to analyze and design systems, and design specific management systems, etc.

   Graduates from the three-year associate degrees can be transferred to the four-year university degrees.

Employment opportunities: Working for software development companies, or teaching IT for universities, colleges and other training institutions (4-year universities, 3-year colleges, vocational schools, senior high schools, junior high schools, etc.). It is possible to open self-employed units involved in training computer skills.

Finance - Banking (On-the-job training, university transfer and associate Degrees): 

   Training bachelor degree holders with professional skills in economic analysis, planning and financial estimation, system administration of the company's budgets as well as analysis, evaluation and risk management of investment projects, construction of optimal capital structures, credit operation management, banking accounting, international payments, foreign exchange dealings, security trading.

Employment opportunities: Working for the financial departments of business companies in all economic sectors, enterprises, security firms, banks, etc. and dealing with banking operations in the position of loan officers, tellers, accountants, clerks, international payment officers, and foreign exchange trading officers.

Business Administration (On-the-job training, university transfer and associate Degrees):

   Students are trained to become bachelor degree holders in Administration with the basic knowledge of marketing process and planning, market analysis, marketing opportunities, marketing strategy planning, competitor analysis, strategic planning for business competitiveness.

English Language:

   Training bachelor degree holders in English having comprehensive and intensive knowledge of the English language.

Employment Opportunities:Working at domestic enterprises, or Joint Ventures with foreign partners; or participating in researching and teaching at Universities and  Colleges, or Vocational Schools.

Extra-curricular Activities: The Faculty has developed joint training programs in cooperation with training institutions inside and outside the province such as Vinh Long College of Economics & Finance, Hau Giang Comunity College, etc. in order to train the human resources for the region.



Source mku.edu.vn

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