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Message of Rector

Date post: 02-04-2014




Welcome to Mekong University!

    Education and science applied to the real world is the motto for which Mekong University strives. Only by applying knowledge to the real world can education and science best promote and serve sustainable socio-economic development. On that foundation, Mekong University mobilizes its best to produce a young generation of human resources, well equipped with good values, wide knowledge and technical skills to provide a bright future to the expansive Mekong Delta region, known as the "rice basket" of Vietnam. Through a challenging and creative process of training, prospective graduates will be well equipped to deal with new and changing environments within their areas of expertise, trade and professional development. In the context of national industrialization and modernization, the graduates are ready to take on serious responsibilities to their country, community, families and themselves.  

   In such a transformation process, Mekong University always upholds “Virtues – Knowledge – People” as the paramount guidelines for its educational and social outcomes. A comprehensive education must be attached to the ever-changing world, including our own country of Vietnam, which is on the way to be becoming a modern industrialized nation.


Best wishes,


Prof. Bui Song Cau, PhD.

Acting Rector 


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