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Mekong University

Date post: 02-04-2014





Mekong University

Motto: “Virtues - Knowledge - People”

Address: National Highway 1A, Long Ho Dist., Vinh Long Province

Tel: 070. 3831155 - 070. 3821655 - Fax: 070. 3657011

Email: mekonguniversity@mku.edu.vn

Website: http:// www.mku.edu.vn



        Mekong University was founded pursuant to the Decision No. 04/2000/QĐ-TTg dated 05 January 2000 by the Prime Minister. This is the first self-funded and non-public university in the Mekong Delta with the modern facilities located in the area of over 22 hectares. After 11 years of continual development, Mekong University has become prestigious for its noteworthy contribution to the fields of education and training. 


        With the motto “Virtues – Knowledge – People”, Mekong University has striven to become a center for training students to Bachelor degree level, developing  engineers through the formal training programs, equipping them with highly technical skills and fostering good characters and genuine national loyalty. With frequently updated curricula, modern teaching methodology, and applied advanced technology in accordance with international trends of education, Mekong University has developed into a leading institution and training center in the Mekong Delta, and the nation.



 “Knowledge Today – Success Tomorrow”

  • Diverse fields of study
  • Advanced training programs
  • Learner-friendly environment
  • Modern educational facilities
  • Affordable tuition
  • High employment opportunities


      Mekong University has developed accredited training programs and formal degree granting systems. Wishing to become a leading center for training in the Mekong Delta, the University has been continuously improving its system of syllabi; updating textbooks in line with the prestigious universities in the world, combining training with scientific research and technology transfer. The University also offers diverse training programs, capable of transferring studies from college to university, on-the-job training, associate  degrees, and many other services to meet the demands of human resources development from the government agencies and private enterprises.


     With extensive relationships with various universities across the country, Mekong University has invited professors, associate professors, doctors, and prestigious experts at leading universities and research institutes to join the teaching staff for undertaking teaching, scientific research, and technology transfer. Mekong University has also paid due attention to the HRD strategy on fostering its enthusiastic young talents for the future. In addition, the University has developed rewarding policies and satisfactory remuneration to attract and develop teams of best faculties.


     Mekong University prides itself to be one of the few non-public universities across the country that owns modern and spacious facilities located on an area of more than 22 hectares with separate divisions for offices, classrooms, labs, enterprise simulation rooms, electronic libraries, guest houses, canteens, and sports ground.

    Standardized classrooms, labs and enterprise simulation rooms are equipped with advanced equipments, sufficient teaching aids for learning and doing research, and the systems with the synchronous network of computers installed with advanced softwares.

     The E-lab is well-equipped with modern facilities, reference materials, textbooks, and other curricula for optimal performance of the learning process.

     Also, guest houses, the sports ground, and canteens are equipped with modern facilities to meet the recreation needs of the visiting lecturers and students.

    In addition to those achievements, Mekong University has been constantly upgrading its infrastructure, modernizing the lecture halls, labs for improving the quality of training, scientific research and technology transfer.

     In the near future, the University will try to become a leading training center for an effective work force, a scientific research and technology transfer center in the Mekong Delta and nationwide.



       During the courses of studies in Mekong University, students will selectively attend the appropriate training programs on foreign languages and informatics. After graduation, students will well master foreign languages and computer skills, sufficient to meet the job requirements in the era of global economic integration.

      Students also have chances to make friends and practice communication skills through activities of the Youth Union. They are also well trained through group work sessions, presentations, interactive approach, and simulation of business scenarios.



     With the slogan "student-centered training", the University has created the most favorable conditions for the learning process.

     Mekong University has stated policies for study promotion, funds for scholarships awarded to those who have made outstanding achievements, or faced up to difficult circumstances.



    Mekong University is very active in promoting international cooperation for joint programs on training, academic research, and student exchange. Currently, the University has established good relations with the prestigious universities in the world such as Thomas University (US), City University of Seattle (US), Green River Community College (US), Troy University (US), University of Washington (US), Northwestern Polytechnic University (USA), Seattle University (USA), Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand), University Preparation College (Australia), Rhodes Education International (Australia), Mahidol University (Thailand), Chaing Mai University (Thailand), Guilin Polytechnic University (China), Volgograd State Technical University (Russia), and other institutions and universities.


   Mekong University appreciates the importance of academic research and the application of modern teaching methodology, contributing to improving the quality of teaching and learning. The University has created the conditions for faculties and students to be involved in research in order to build and develop sustainable educational quality. The University has invited local and international experts with high qualifications to give advice, participate in teaching, and work on various research projects and technology transfer. The research areas include basic research, academic research of education, application, and technology transfer. 



   The training quality of Mekong University has been confirmed through the highly impressive percentage of students employed after graduation. Students can get jobs easily because the school syllabi are closely associated with the social needs of the nation.

   In addition to studying in the classrooms, students are required to get involved in the work environment of enterprises, companies or economic groups where their skills and knowledge can be applied. Therefore, they can get experience in real situations.

   The Center for Student Assistance and Business Relations will provide useful advices and answers to any questions related to students' careers.

   With the motto, "All for developing managerial methods and improving the quality of training and scientific research", Mekong University has been continuously developing, and its plan to become a training center for high qualified human resources in the Mekong Delta and nationwide will be carried out in the near future.





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