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Mission and Vision of Mekong University

Date post: 02-04-2014



1. Missions

Mekong University has offered several fields of training, meeting the needs of the society. It is the center of academic research and technology transfer, culture - science and technology in the Mekong Delta and nationwide, serving the process of industrialization, modernization and international integration.

2. Vision and Strategy

2.1. Vision:

By 2020, MKU aims to be a center of highly qualified and prestigious training, scientific research, and technology transfer in the Mekong Delta; and become a prestigious university in the same domains in the nation by 2030.

2.2. Strategic development:

-  Training students to become bachelors and engineers with good moral quality, and high professional qualifications to meet the human resource needs for Vinh Long Province and the Mekong Delta; highly promoting the internal forces, enlisting the local support in development strategies of facilities and people, contributing to the socio - economic development of the province.

-  Taking advantage of the available potential, rapidly exploiting and developing the university's projects and strategies in each stage by creating favorable conditions for the appropriate steps.

-  Promoting international cooperation, and overcoming all challenges for gradual global and regional integration.

-  Gradually implementing projects, training, and enhancing professional qualifications and skills for the faculties; regularly caring the physical and mental life for full-time faculties.


Source mku.edu.vn

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