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Department of national defense & physical education

Date post: 17-05-2014



Organizational Structure:



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 Truong Cong Son, B.A.



 Bui Binh Thuan, M.A



 Tran Tuan Hai



 Nguyen Thanh Luan


5  Nguyen Thanh The Lecturer



          - Pursuant to the Decision No. 04/2000/QĐ dated January 5, 2000 by the Prime Minister on establishing Mekong University;

          - Pursuant to the Decision No. 166/QĐ-DCL May 15, 2009 by the Mekong University’s Rector on establishing the Department of National Defense & Physical Education;

          - Pursuant to Operation Regulations No. 02/2003/ QĐ- GD&ĐT dated January 6, 2003 by Mekong University.    

          The operation regulations for Department of National Defense Education and Physical Education are described as follows:

Chapter I

General Regulations

         Article1: All faculties in the Department have to comply fully and strictly with their assigned duties.

          Article 2: The Head of the Department is in charge of organization and administration of  the Department's personnel issues in order to successfully complete the given tasks and actively engage in MKU’s activities.

          Article 3: All activities in the Department comply with the principles of democratic centralism and individual responsibility. All suggestions, inquiries, and proposals will be discussed, resolved with concerned persons and then reported to the Board of Administrators.

Chapter II




 The Department is MKU’s basic unit for activities of training and scientific research and is responsible for academic issues in the field of Defense, Security and Physical Education. The Department operates in accordance MKU’s regulations under the Rector’s direction.

          Article 5Missions

1. Being responsible for conducting teaching activities for courses of National Defense-Security and Physical Education for MKU students pursuing B.A degrees or Associate degrees in line with regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, guidances of the Department of National Defense-Security Education and leadership of MKU Board of Administrators.

2. Being responsible for the teaching contents, quality and process of the courses carried out in line with the course schedule, the overall plans for teaching & learning.

3. Compiling materials for courses of National Defense-Security & Physical Education in accordance with the program, contents, and regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

4. Conducting research activities in the area of National Defense-Security and Physical Education.

5. Training and fostering athletes and attending the contests relating to the majors.

6. Strictly managing, effectively using and carefully preserving kinds of models, training weapons, facilities, and devices for teaching, learning and other activities of the Department.

7. Participating in MKU’s educational and training activities, organizing training courses, supervising and evaluating the lecturers' teaching in the Department.

8. Seriously implementing the living and studying activities of the school; fully, accurately and timely reporting the outcomes, the quality of teaching as required.



Chapter III



Article 6Organizational structure

         The Department of National Defense & Physical Education consists of Head of the Department and lecturers. Head of Department is responsible before MKU’s Rector and Board of Administrators on the implementation of the Department's own tasks; has responsibilities to make plans, programs, and work contents and manage the entire operation of the Department; assign tasks to the faculties in the Department under the authority as well as guide, check, urge, support and help facilitate members to complete their tasks.

Article 7: Responsibilities

Head of the Department

1.1 Offering advice to Board of Administrators on education and organization of activities relating to National Defense-Security and Physical Education.

1.2 Inviting and assigning lecturers to implement the teaching plans; being responsible for the contents, quality, progress, plans for teaching and learning in line with the program stipulated by the Ministry of Education and Training as well as specific regulations promulgated by MKU.

1.3 Collaborating with lecturers to research, innovate the teaching methods, organize academic research activities associated with the real world, improve the quality of teaching courses.

1.4 Being in charge of the management of weapons; offer facilities to serve the learning activities with other units to implement the common tasks of the school.

2. The staff ( including visiting lecturers)

2.1 Completing all the assigned tasks in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the school, and the functions and tasks given.

2.2 Be responsible for the assigned teaching plans and contents, manage and preserve weapons and equipment used in the teaching & learning process.

2.3 Enthusiastically and effectively participating in activities of the Department and the school.

Chapter IV



 Aticle 8Working relations

The Department must be obedient in relation with Board of Administrators and has cooperative relationships with other Offices, Faculties, Departments, Centers. In internal perspectives, the mechanisms of individual responsibility, democratic promotion, responsible spirit, and dynamics and creativity from all the staff are implemented.

Article 9:  Property Management

Property, office equipment and devices for teaching in the Department must be closely managed. All damages or losses caused by the staff without the appropriate reasons must pay compensation under MKU’s regulations. The faculties are not allowed to move the Department’s property from one place to another, but must appropriately and economically use the facilities, electricity, water, and telephone service of the school.

Article 10: Working hours

Officers work in the school's office hours. Lecturers have to follow the teaching schedule and timetable for the courses. Lecturers’ teaching schedules should be listed on the Department’s teaching schedule. All lecturers must comply with the teaching schedules. In special cases, the absence must be recorded on the teaching schedule and reported to Head of the Department.

Article 11: Regulations of meeting and learning

A monthly meeting is organized on Friday morning of the final week of the month.

At the beginning of the school year, a meeting is organized to implement the Department’s school year plans and missions.

At the end of the 1st semester, a meeting is organized to have basic summary of the Department’s activities.

At the end of school year, a meeting is organized to sum up all Department’s activities in the whole year and propose directions for the coming school year.

Besides, unplanned meetings could be held and activities could be implemented as required by the school.

 Article 12: Regulations of reporting

Complying with periodical reports on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis under specific work requirements as required by supervisors.

The staff must have weekly reports of their teaching schedules and assigned work to Head of the Department.

All staff in the Department must fully take part in all the activities of their organizations and unions; continuously study to improve the quality and knowledge in all aspects.

Article13: Implementation Provisions

All staff in the Department are responsible for studying, mastering and strictly and fully implementing this Regulation.

This Regulation takes effect from the date of issuing


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