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Center for International Training

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History for the establishment of the Center for International Training (CIT-MKU)

Mekong University (MKU), the first self-funded university in the Mekong Delta, was founded in 2000 by a group of dedicated educators for the educational development. After more than 11 years of development, MKU has been obtaining significant achievements.

In the context of economic integration and development of Vietnam at present, the training to provide high-qualified human resources with international standards for the country in all fields plays an important role. That is the key to accelerate the approach and integration in the world economy.

 According to Article 9 of the Education Act in 2005: "Educational development is the first national policy that aims at improving people's knowledge, training human resources and fostering talents. Educational development must link to socio-economic development needs, the developments of science and technology, national defense and security reinforcement, and scale expansion on the basis of ensuring the quality and efficiency, and the combination of training and use.” The establishment of the Center for International Training under this project is to aim at implementing the goals of educational development in Vietnam

 In light of this vision, the international integration in training becomes an urgent requirement and MKU’s main activity. Over the past 11 years of establishment, MKU has been continuously promoting and enhancing the level of integration in education and research, through the meetings, the cooperation programs with universities in the world. However, during the operation due to lack of human resources, significant accomplishments have not been obtained in general. Therefore, CIT-MKU is established to continue this unfinished mission, promote the training activities and international integration: participating with well-known universities in the world in training in order to gradually develop and implement training programs at the international level , meeting the diverse needs of society . In addition, through joint training programs, MKU will have the opportunity to improve references, curricula, contributing to updating the existing programs. Through such cooperations, MKU' s lecturers and students have opportunities to access and update the latest knowledge of the world , contributing to the improvement of teaching and learning quality.

To promote training activities and integration in international education, MKU needs a unit responsible for having highly professional capability, creative and effective management to accomplish those targets. The initiative of establishment of CIT-MKU is a breakthrough but very realistic in the context of Vietnam’s modern education. This is an opportunity for MKU to boost international cooperations, as well as implement the development strategies of MKU.

The project for establishing CIT-MKU was built to link MKU’s growing demand of the integration in the global education and strategic direction for the development and integration.




Vietnamese Name:           Trung tâm Hợp tác Đào tạo Quốc tế - Đại học Cửu Long

English Name:           Center for International Training – Mekong University

Abbreviated name:                CIT - MKU

CIT-MKU’s missions

     -       CIT-MKU is committed to train professional managers and leaders responsible and obtaining the world-class education through the long, medium and short-term training programs recognized regionally and globally.

     -       CIT-MKU organizes and implements the training activities of international training cooperations, contributing to providing high-qualified human resources for the society.

     -       CIT-MKU offers consulting services for studying abroad, specialized foreign language courses to serve the study and training abroad.

     -       CIT-MKU organizes the short-term training courses on management and technology taught by the international and Vietnamese lecturers under the international programs.

To accomplish this mission, the CIT-MKU will:

     -       Coordinate with universities in the region and around the world to provide long, medium, and short-term training programs on management and technology reaching the international standards.

     -       Create a creative and professional environment.

Vision (up to 2020):

CIT-MKU will become an international center for training with the top educational quality in term of management and technology in the Mekong Delta

CIT-MKU’s core values :

• Integration (Always reach the international level)

• Integrity (Clearness, honesty, respect)

• Activeness (Creativeness, responsibility)




Centre for Training- Mekong University is a unit under Mekong University similar to MKU’s other centers: Center for Foreign Languages, Centre for Applied Informatics. During the operation, CIT-MKU obeys all provisions and regulations of MKU and the Government. The Center is in charge of reporting to the Rector of Mekong University of Mekong about training and financial activities.


Functions & Missions         

         The Center makes use of international cooperation in relation with partners overseas to conduct  the long, medium, and short-term high quality training projects.

      • CIT-MKU collaborates with the prestigious, world –class universities accredited to organize the long-term international training programs for Associate, Bachelor, and Master levels. Currently, CIT-MKU focuses on training Business Administration and Information Technology, and performs a task of providing high-quality human resources for the Mekong Delta in particular and the country in general .

      • CIT-MKU collaborates with a number of international universities and organizations to conduct the short -term joint training programs in Business Administration , Information Technology , and Engineering and Technology .

      • In addition, CIT-MKU also implements consulting services for studying abroad, offers specialized foreign language courses for students to attend the international joint training programs or study abroad.

. Being inherited the international relations that MKU has established, CIT-MKU will sign the cooperation agreements with the prestigious universities in the U.S. , Canada , Australia and New Zealand under the training models of 2 +2 , 3 +1 , or full-time programs in Vietnam. Educational quality of these universities are accredited with globally-recognized qualifications. Students attending the 2 +2, 3 +1 programs at CIT - MKU and completing the first 2 or 3 academic years can be transferred to the partner universities to complete the remaining 1 or 2 academic years if they satisfy the financial conditions and English language requirements. These training models will help students save a significant portion of tuition because the period of studying abroad is shortened. Particularly, the full time joint training program of 4 years at CIT - MKU (the model of on-site study abroad) will help minimize students' studying costs and also facilitate MKU' s lecturers to participate in teaching together with foreign faculties under the international curricula, and then the teaching methods and qualities are improved.

Organizational structure


         The Center consists of a Director and a Deputy Director. At the beginning, to simplify the managerial system, the management of academic affairs, recruitment, consulting services for oversea study will be conducted by the officers from the Office of Research Management – Postgraduate Studies - International Relations under the agreement with the Centre.

           CIT-MKU’s Director is in charge of the general activities of the Centre and directly operates the CIT-MKU’s cooperation training programs in technology. Deputy Director helps the Director manage the common tasks and directly runs the cooperation training programs in economics, business administration, consulting services for study overseas, and specialized foreign language courses. The staff of the Office of Research Management – Postgraduate Education–International Relations operates the implementation of regular managerial tasks of the Centre. Depending on the CIT-MKU’s scale of the development, the Center can recruit 01 officer working as secretary and an accountant.

CIT-MKU operates in a financially independent accounting and in compliance with accounting regulations issued by MKU.

            The Center contributes up to the 20% of turnover and covers its operation expenses within the remaining 80% of turnover, including the costs of management, teaching, and renting the classrooms, computer rooms, and other facilities used by the Center.

           CIT-MKU’s personnel:

• Director:

• Deputy Director: Dr. Phan Van Sam.

• Experts: Assoc. Prof. Tran Loc Hung, PhD. and Le Hoang Giang, B.A.




          At first, CIT-MKU is permitted to rent for using the existing facilities such as classrooms, computer rooms, offices for transaction, and other facilities. The initial dealing office is located in the Office of Research Management - Postgraduate Studies - International Relations. In the first phase, the Centre would be paid in advance the cost of advertising, printing flyers and signboards by the university and would then pay back to MKU when getting incomes.

           This project has been revised by CIT-MKU’s Directorate Board from the submitted original project right after the approved guidelines for establishing CIT-MKU by the Board of Trustees and the decision on nomination to CIT-MKU’s Directorate Board by MKU' s Acting Rector.



Vinh Long, June 23, 2011




Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thien Tong

Deputy Director


Dr. Phan Van Sam




Source mku.edu.vn

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