Center for Admission Communication

The Center for Admissions and Communication was established according to the UCL Rector’s Decision No. 957/QD-ĐHCL/ dated December 6th , 2019.


  • Full title: The UCL Center for Admissions – Communication
  • Abbreviation: TT TS-TT
  • International title: Center for Admissions – Communication
  • The Central Office is located at the main gate of the UCL campus.

Organizational structure

  • Board of Directors including a Director and a Vice Director
  • The Center consists of a variety of specific groups and part-time groups assigned by the board of directors in response to its’ current status and demand.


  1. Functions
  • Assist the board of rectors on network information management requirements, and methods of admission promotion at UCL.
  • Organize and promote admission activities and marketing programs at UCL.
  1. Missions
  • Conduct projects about admission plans and assistance policies for students in accordance with the MOET regulations.
  • Build projects about network information security assurance.
  • Develop projects about UCL’s brand image marketing campaigns.