Center for Distance Learning

With the rapid advancement of information and communication technology, the use of E-learning becomes a new trend in the educational phase, particularly in remote learning.

Distance learning is a worldwide answer, the most promising educational approach of the twenty-first century, and a tool for lifetime learning. Learning approaches based on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) are transforming traditional learning methods, which leans on learning curriculum construction and learner assistance rather than previously sole arrangement and management. Learning occurs actively without concerns about time, content, knowledge volume, acquisition, and commutes which possibly satisfy most learners. Also, the bulk of continually updated informative and diverse learning content comforts learners and lecturers in terms of knowledge acquisition, P2P learning, cost & time savings.

     In 2020, University of Cuu Long has issued a Decision of Center for Distance Learning – being a subordinate unit of University of Cuu Long. The Center’s purpose is to create and extend more professional training activities, which potentially assists and meets their individual and social demands via the learning curriculum flexibility.

To the left, there are Ms. Quyên, Mr. Phong, Mr. Trường, Mr. Trung, Mr. Phong.


The University of Cuu Long Distance Learning program provides competent lecturer–student interaction while also ensuring training quality regardless of time, place, or transportation. After finishing the credits, students are granted a university degree (excluding the training system) that is recognized both at the international and national levels.