Center For Information Technology – Electronics

Center for IT – Electronics is a continuing education institution belonging to the national education system, members to University of Cuu Long. The center operates officially and legally in accordance with the law provisions.

The Center for IT – Electronics was established on May 12th, 2021, formerly the Institute of Information Technology – Electronics established on May 16, 2019.

UCL has licensed a training work permit by the MOET in accordance with Circular 17/2016/TTLT-BGDĐT-BTTTT from 2017 until the present. (in 2021, according to notice No. 138/TB-QLCL dated February 8, 2021.)


  • Train and organize exams, granting IT certificates: Basic IT application; Advanced IT application.
  • Train and organize exams, granting certificates short-term IT & Electronics courses such as Image processing with Photoshop; Graphic design with Corel; AutoCAD; Web Design; Software Design; Mobile Apps Design; Python Programming, AI Tech.


  • Consult, build, and deploy IT and electronics service solutions, co-training, and P2P training for individuals, agencies and organizations.
  • Offer the reputable IT and Electronics majored masters with more than a decade of teaching experience. Additionally, they cooperate with good experts in the fields to support teaching and service activities on- and off-campus.


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Center for IT – Electronics