Center for Network Administration

(Established pursuant to the Decision No.313/QĐ-ĐHCL-TCHC dated on June 11th, 2021 by the President of University of Cuu Long)

1. Name

  • Vietnamese name: Trung tâm Quản Lý Mạng
  • English name: Center for Network Administration (CAN)
  • Address: Room 2.05, Floor 03, Headquarter building of University of Cuu Long

2. Functions and mission

2.1 Functions

  1. Advising the President on the field of Information Technology (including IT infrastructure systems, software systems, IT solutions) in order to optimize the system and data security.
  2. Being responsible for the administration and cooperation with outside specialized agencies or the units, departments, faculties, departments, centers and institutes of the University to perform the tasks related to applying IT and relevant law provisions.
  3. Being a legal entity authorized by the President to represent the University to work with agencies inside and outside the University in the field of IT.

2.2 Missions

  1. Advising the President and the Board of Management on the information network management plans and solutions.
  2. Managing the information system, improving the information exploitation capacity, and effectively using the internal network (LAN) and international network (Internet).
  3. Managing and configuring infrastructure equipment in the network system and maintaining it to ensure optimal performance.
  4. Managing and maintaining the operation of servers and services. Operating the training-management system to ensure the continuous and effective operation of University management. Back-up data and monitor the operating status of the system.
  5. Fixing and handling technical problems of computers and internal network systems, wireless networks, and camera systems at the University.
  6. Cooperating with provincial specialized agencies in performing network security work, preventing illegal access to the system.
  7. Managing personnel, assets, and operating procedures of the Center according to the assignment decision of the President.

3. Personnel

Center for Network Administration currently includes

  • 01 Deputy Head of the Center
  • 02 Executives

4. Organization and activities

  • Strictly complying with the Ministries’ and the provincial governments’ the law provisions and regulations related to IT as well as the UCL operating regulations
  • Organizing and following the guidance of specialized agencies on cybersecurity.
  • Coordinating with Heads of Departments, Faculty, Centers, and Institutes in network system administration. Advising and proposing facilities investment plans for IT activities.
  • The Center operates according to ISO 9001 – 2015 standards approved by the President.