Center for Student Assistance and Business Relations

1. Functions

Center for Student Assistance And Business Relations was established with the aim to support job seekers at UCL. The center attempts to capture and monitor the students’ employability as well as the percentages of graduates who are employed.

In addition, the Center develops and maintains connections with appropriate firms and serves as a recruiting bridge between in-need businesses and graduates.

2. Missions

2.1. Student assistance

  • Center for Student Assistance And Business Relations provides recruitment information to students via phones, websites, Facebook and Zalo ads.
  • Co-host job fairs as well as job opening events to enhance potential offers to graduates in relation to other functional units.
  • Survey the graduates’ employability and collect feedback on the training programs from businesses, units in particular and society in general. It contributes to the innovation process at UCL.
  • The Center’s activities positively contribute to the promotion activities of the UCL brand image and student images to the whole community.
  • Provide students with part-time job opportunities, and soft skill training courses to support job-seeking after graduation.
  • Open short-term training courses correlating to current training programs. (exclusively foreign language and informatics certificate-related courses).
    • Advocate scholarships from the sponsors facilitating students’ learning and cultural, physical and social activities.

2.2. Business cooperation

  • Explore, build and maintain units – businesses cooperative relationships inside and outside the province that targets the signing of the bilateral cooperation documents for mutual benefits in the fields of “ Training – Scientific research – HRM exploitation” between UCL and businesses.
  • Based on the aforementioned cooperation, the center granted feedback from businesses about the job requirements for University of Cuu Long graduates and the community at large. This would help on-demand training development and labor solution.
  • Invite reputed leaders, officials and staff from the business for education, talkshow, and research support at UCL under the board of rectors’ decisions, encourage units and businesses to support the seniors’ internships.
  • Receive and post the businesses’ recruitment information on the UCL website, Facebook, Zalo apps.

3. Finance

The Center of Student Assistance and Business builds annually operational plans and budgets for such programs depending on the center’s Functions and mission and then follows the board of rectors’ approval. If an unexpected situation emerges are happened, the center will direct it to the board of rectors.