Department of academic affairs

1. Functions

  1. Advise and assist the Board of Rectors on orientation, training issues, develop goals, contents and training schedules.
  2. Carry out activities related to teaching and learning, granting degrees and certificates in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.
  3. Help the Board of Rectors receive and handle unexpected requests from students in accordance with regulations.

2. Responsibilities:

  1. Give assistance in training of engineer and bachelor degrees, participate in opening new academic majors and training cooperation.
  2. Propose development of the university in terms of training goals, programs and training modes.
  3. Develop training program objectives, annual training plans, and semester-by-semester schedules according to the academic programs.
  4. Make periodic and irregular reports as requested.
  5. Confirm the teaching volume of lecturers, confirm the internship plan.
  6. Manage the issuance of diplomas, certificates and transcripts for regular and transferred students.
  7. Make timetables, coordinate classrooms and teaching schedules.
  8. Manage teaching contracts, scientific resumes, detailed course outlines.
  9. Manage, monitor and check teaching plans and academic programs.
  10. Verify issued diplomas, issue transcripts.