Department of Academic Inspectorate


Department of Academic Inspectorate was established under Decision No. 293/QD-ĐHCL-TCHC dated May 12, 2021 by the Rector of University of Cuu Long.

The Department consists of 05 personnel including 01 Head, 01 Deputy Head and 03 specialists.

I. Functions

Department of Academic Inspectorate has the functions of advising and assisting the Rector to carry out inspection, supervision to ensure law enforcement, perform the unit’s duties, protect interests of the State, legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals in education to improve the training quality of the university.

II. Responsibilities

  1. Develop inspection and examination plans for training activities within the scope of the rector’s management.
  2. Concrete documents and regulations on training inspection in accordance with the development requirements of the university.
  3. Inspect the implementation of regimes and policies related to students at all levels and training modes in the university.
  4. Inspect the implementation of objectives, plans, programs, contents, teaching methods, training regulations, examination regulations, and granting of diplomas and certificate and regulations on curricula and lectures.
  5. Receive and participate in the settlement of complaints and denunciations at the University in accordance with the law.
  6. Carry out preventing and combating corruption in education and training in accordance with the law on anti-corruption.
  7. Summarize and timely report as requested.
  8. Effectively manage and use human resources, facilities equipped for the Department.
  9. Coordinate with functional units to handle tasks arising in the course of training activities.
  10. Perform other duties assigned by the Rector.

III. Organizational structure

  1. Manager;
  2. Deputy Head of Department;
  3. Specialists. 

– The manager of the department has overall responsibilities; develops and organizes the implementation of inspection plans; handles complaints and denunciations; summarizes and reports on inspection work as prescribed.

– The Deputy manager assists the manager in managing assigned work to specialists to inspect and supervise the implementation of timetables and organizing examinations, thematic inspection and other inspection areas when requested.

– The specialists perform inspection tasks as assigned by the leaders of the Department.

IV. Principles of inspection activities

Inspection activities must comply with the law to ensure accuracy, objectivity, honesty, publicity, democracy, timeliness and efficiency without interfering the normal operation of other units and individuals who are the subject of inspection, and related units and individuals.

When conducting inspection, decision issuers, inspection team head and inspection team members must comply with the inspection law and take responsibilities for their acts and decisions.

V. Forms of inspection activities

  1. Regular inspections are conducted according to the annual and semester-based plans approved by the Rector and notified in advance to the inspected subjects, relevant units, organizations and individuals.
  2. Irregular inspections are conducted when detecting signs of law violations by units, organizations and individuals, at request of the settlement of complaints or denunciations or as assigned by the Rector.

VI. Accountability

The Department is under the direct management of the Rector and is responsible to the Board of Rectors for its functions, powers, and activities related to the training inspection of the University.

Report regularly and irregularly at the request of the Rector on the situations and work results of the Department.

VII. Working relationship

  1. The Department closely cooperates with the Inspection Committee of the Party Committee, the Inspection Committee of the Labor Union and the units in the University to complete its assigned tasks.
  2. The Department maintains regular and close relationship with the Inspectors of the Ministry of Education and Training to receive professional guidance and to enhance the effectiveness of the inspection work.

VIII. Regimes and policies for officials of inspection work

Officials in charge of inspection are entitled to study, foster and improve inspection skills, to be equipped with working tools and facilitated in terms of time, facilities and financial regime as prescribed by the Inspectorate branch and the University.

IX. Responsibilities of relevant units and individuals

  1. Relevant units and individuals subjected to inspection have to comply with inspection requests and decisions.
  2. Relevant units and individuals are responsible for implementing the requirements during the inspection process and in the inspection conclusions.

X. Rewards and handling violations

  1. Units and individuals with achievements in inspection activities will be commended and rewarded.
  2. Units and individuals that violate regulations on inspection will be disciplined or examined for penal liability; if causing damage, they must compensate according to the provisions of law.