Department of Administration and Planning

1. Functions

The Department of Administration and Planning assists the Board of Rectors and Board of Trustees in the following tasks:

– Organize and administer all administrative activities, perform administrative, clerical, reception work, exchange information between the Board of Rectors and other units in the institutions.

– Build the intitution’s organizational structure.

– Manage, plan and train staff and lecturers, ensure the correct and timely implementation of policies on safety, security and order in the university, carry out staff appraisal and legal work.

– Plan, manage and use facilities and assets, purchase equipment and facilities, periodically maintain facilities to serve activities of the university, participate in and coordinate with the construction board to implement construction projects.

2. Responsibilities

2.1. General Administration

  1. Organize, manage and guide other units to perform administrative work and file documents according to regulations, ensure processes, legality and documents format before submitting to the Board of Rectors for approving and issuing.
  2. Receive and classify incoming and outgoing documents, check and transfer to related authorities for prompt and timely handling.
  3. Manage the school’s seals, inspect and stamp copies of documents, certificates and diplomas issued by the university according to regulations.
  4. Examine and issue papers (lecturers and employees identity; leave permits; confirmation of CV; working history; references and travel permits, etc)
  5. Assist the Board of Rectors in reception, coordination of meeting rooms; organize and serve meetings of the Board of Rectors and units in the university.
  6. Prepare documents, decisions, notices and reports in administration, security and order, state secrets, etc. at the request of the Board of Rectors, print, copy, type documents as required.
  7. Manage food & beverage service in the canteen, regularly check to ensure food hygiene and safety.
  8. Organize the implementation of sanitation work and trees care in the campus.
  9. Coordinate and nominate people from relevant units and individuals to settle complaints, denunciations and disputes occurring inside and outside the university.
  10. Manage the school’s vehicles fleet according to the regulations.
  11. Annually coordinate with the Department of Financial Affairs to conduct periodical health checks for officials, lecturers and employees.
  12. Coordinate with functional departments in implementing, monitoring and inspecting labor protection, safety, fire prevention, natural disaster prevention (lightning, storms, flood, earthquake…).
  13. Directly manage rental parking lots, canteen, other facilities at full capacity in order to increase efficiency and revenue.

2.2. Organization

a) Organizational issues

  1. Propose the organizational structure of the university, assist the Rector in legal work, draft and issues rules and regulations.
  2. Advise and assist the Board of Rectors in recruiting, and managing lecturers and employees.
  3. Propose plans to develop human resources suitable to development stages of the university; guide and supervise other units to properly implement the recruitment process, help the recruitment council organize recruitment tests, propose allocations of lecturers and staff, advise staff appointment and job transfer.
  4. Determine the standards and norms to decide the salary, wages, remuneration, etc. to ensure the reasonableness. Monitor and inspect the use of labor in other units of the university.
  5. Implement policies for lecturers, officials and employees, propose training and retraining professional skills, salary increase, social insurance and health insurance.
  6. Manage, store and update personnel files and resumes.
  7. Be a member of the council for recruitment, salary review, promotion, rank transfer, and discipline of lecturers, officials and employees.
  8. Coordinate with the Department of Financial Affairs and the labor union in issuing overtime working regime, implementing periodical welfare regimes.
  9. Be an acting member of the Emulation – Commendation Council, organize emulation and commendation work, prepare related documents and procedures; manage the emulation and commendation database.

b) Security – Order – Safety

  1. Inform thoroughly regulations, directives and instructions on protection work and apply these appropriately, review and periodically summarize the work on security and order, and safety and propose solutions.
  2. Coordinate with other units in organizing, implementing, monitoring and inspecting the work on labor protection, safety, fire and explosion prevention and fighting against natural disasters (hurricane, flood, lightning, earthquake…).
  3. Implement the work of keeping order and security, preventing theft of the university’s properties and the properties of officials, lecturers, employees and students within the university’s premises.
  4. Coordinate with faculties, divisions, centers, labor unions, associations to regularly remind lecturers, staff and students to raise their vigilance and sense of discipline, and maintain order and security.
  5. Manage the security team, regularly check the management of the offices, classrooms, laboratories, etc, patrol and check people and vehicles entering and leaving the institution.
  6. Ensure absolute safety during holidays, meetings with experts, foreign guests, and senior officials visiting the university.
  7. Propose and implement coordination work with relevant units in the school and the local authorities in maintaining security and order.
  8. Implement the regime of periodical and irregular reporting on security to concerned agencies according to regulations.

c) Legal work

  1. Assist the Board of Rectors on legal issues related to the institution’s operations to ensure its operations in accordance with the law and legal principles, be university representative to work with law agencies in handling complaints and denunciations.
  2. Coordinate with functional units in propagating and disseminating laws, regulations of the university to lecturers, officers, employees and students.
  3. Help the Board of Rectors collects comments and recommendations to legal documents as request.
  4. Participate in the legal consultation of documents from units of the university, consult issues of rules and regulations of the university.
  5. Provide legal documents to the Board of Rectors and units in the university upon request.