Department of Facility Management

1. Functions.

The Department of Facility Management advises the Board of Rectors in management of equipment, assets and capital construction investment.

2. Responsibilities.

Propose and implement work on new construction, purchasing, allocating, transferring, withdrawal, maintenance and repair, inventory checking and assessment according to regulations, develop processes for performing tasks on equipment and property management and construction.

Coordinate with the Construction Management Board to perform the management of capital construction in 3 stages: project preparation, project implementation and project completion.

Coordinate with relevant units to perform tasks of the department. Other duties assigned by the Board of Rectors are as followed.

  1. Propose plans to build, repair facilities to serve teaching, learning and other purposes.
  2. Implement the processes investment projects, design, supervise construction works.
  3. Collect proposals from other units for purchasing equipment for approval, purchase and allocate equipment as requests.
  4. Manage, allocate and repair equipment, teaching and learning facilities.
  5. Ensure electricity and water supply for all activities.
  6. Assume the prime responsibility in periodical inventory check, with the Department of Financial Affairs monitoring and managing assets, and mobilizing equipment among units for effective use.
  7. Coordinate with Department of Academic Affairs, the Faculties to allocate teaching and learning equipment according to the timetable.
  8. Participate and advise drafting processes of bidding, liquidating assets, coordinate with the Department of Financial Affairs to calculate the depreciation of the facilities and submit for approval.
  9. Make statistical reports on facilities according to regulations.