Department of Financial Affairs

1. Functions

Department of Financial Affairs advises and assists the Board of Rectors in planning and managing financial activities and accounting regimes, manage and effectively use the school’s financial resources in accordance with state regulations.

2. Responsibilities

  1. Develop and implement approved short-term and long-term financial plans.
  2. Do overall financial management, make estimates, balance and allocate monthly and quarterly budgets, do the accounting work, report on fund sources according to the accounting regime.
  3. Guide the accounting regime, disseminate state documents on financial management, carry out financial inspection of units having financial activities, monitor, inspect, supervise and pay expenses in accordance with approved plans.
  4. Manage and urge, collect timely tuition, fees, make detailed plans on unit prices and tuition of all academic levels, urge the faculties to develop unit prices for different majors, levels under the Faculty’s management for approval in accordance with the laws and regulations of the university.
  5. Report financial activities according to the current accounting regime for financial agencies, tax authorities, make urgent reports as requested, file accounting documents according to regulations.
  6. Coordinate with the Department of Administration and Planning to do periodic inventory and property check.
  7. Pay salaries, allowances, expenses and others in relation to teaching, learning, scientific research, construction of facilities, repairs, and purchase of equipment in accordance with current regulations.
  8. Monitor and supervise economic contracts, purchase invoices of other units.
  9. Be a member of Bidding Council for procurement of equipment, capital construction and liquidation of the assets.
  10. Be responsible for drafting and submitting for approval of regulations on principles of financial management.
  11. Sign internal documents and notices related to the department’s activities.