Department of Political – Student Affairs



Abbreviation:  PCTCT – SV


  • Address: Floor 4, Admistrative Building, University of Cuu Long, 1A Highway, Phu Quoi, Long Ho, Vinh Long
  • Tel: 02706.284.007
  • Email:           


The Department of political – student affairs currently includes:

  • 01 Head of the department
  • 02 Deputy Heads of department
  • 05 Executives



  • Assist the board of rectors in the implementation of the Communist Party’s schemes and policies, the State’s law provisions, the MOET’s and the community‘s regulations in relation to student affairs.
  • Organize training programs about directives, resolutions as well as schemes of the national government, ministries, and sectors.
  • Set up extra-political activities, and social discussions at the first-day meetings as well as semester openings for newcomers, undergraduates, and campus personnel.
  • Not only provide symposiums about the legislation and aesthetics but also build cultural social meetings at the campus.
  • Apprehend the political and ideological attitudes of the campus’s personnel, lecturers, and students and then propose the Rector instant measures to handle the circumstances.
  • Coordinate with other departments to build a healthily nurturing environment, a civilized lifestyle, a bright–green–clean–gorgeous campus.
  • Ensure social security and safety, wakening the people’s movements for national defense, and strive for the accredited university to meet social security and safety standards incorporation with the local authorities.

2. Student affairs

    • Advise the board of rectors in construction management documents based on legal and directive documents of the MOET, and Administrate the implementation of existing policies relating to incentives, scholarships, tuition fees, training programs, rewarding systems, disciplines and regulations; healthcare consulting, on- and off-campus’s student management.
  • Permeate political and ideological viewpoints, ethical manners and practical skills; self-responsibility towards students and their families, the university, and the entire society.
  • Regulate step-by-step procedures of the student management; guarantee fairness – openness – democracy in students affairs; ensure the students’ full execution of their rights and obligations.


1. Political affairs implementation

  1.1 Political affairs

  • Implement the internal university’s political defense, the government’s confidential issues, political security, social security and safety and building an accredited university.
    • Develop organizational and managerial regulations, training political and ideological viewpoints for students in accordance with the Party’s, the State’s, and regions’ policies and law provisions.
    • Administer the propaganda apparatus, capturing public opinions, and maintain the student self-management systems on- and off-campus.
  • Associate with Provincial Party Committee Commission for Publicity and Education, departments, units under the Provincial Police, Long Ho District Police in the deployment of propaganda activities, political theory training, legislation education addressed students.
  • Warrant the off-campus students’ security and safety.

1.2. Propaganda affairs

1.2.1 Media – communication events organization

  • Formulate organizational and operational regulations in the campus radio, assign personnel the tasks of campus article’s censorship, edition, records, and broadcast in coordination with the Youth Union
  • Publish articles for the university websites on a range of political and students affairs.
    • Edit and print student handbooks, as well as delivering them to students.
    • Design the university supplies including uniforms, headgear, college handbooks, straps or ID cards.
  • Contribute to the organization and management of campus-wide events; collaborate with the Youth Union, Student Union, Trade Union, and Veterans Association to synchronize communication activities at the campus.

1.2.2 Thematic briefing sessions organization

  • Construct thematic briefings about the maritime issues, the acquisition of HCM’s ideology, morality, and lifestyle;
  • Scheduledocumentary screenings.
  • Conduct briefings of national and international updates.
  • Assemble the training courses about the Party’s and the university’s Resolutions and Directives.
  • Arrange student conferences periodically. 

1.2.3 Community viewpoint apprehension skills training

  • Retrain skills of apprehending public perceptions as well as countering enemy forces in cyberspace for those are campus partners, Union – Assoc key officials, party – member students.
  • Establish student-run clubs, as well as teams to absorb public opinions; countering misrepresentation in cyberspace.

2. Student affairs implementation

2.1. Student training and management affairs

  • License the withdrawal letters with certain faculty assistance (Within 3 day-expulsion, the Faculty Dean’s consideration is taken after the counselor’s study report, while the board of rectors’ intervention may happen for those who are off for at least 4 days)
  • Assure the students’ compliance with campus regulations and disciplines.
  • Implement the assessment of student’s performances in accordance with the Regulation on the student’s training outcome assessment enclosed with Circular No. 16/2015/TT-BGDDT dated August 16th, 2015 of the MOET.
  • Be a permanent member of the University Emulation, Rewards and Disciplinary Council. Launching emulation, commendation and discipline campaigns according to the MOET’Regulations for university regular students.
  • Host freshman welcome events, “Student Citizenship Week” at every course and semester beginnings.
  • Direct and co-hosting the scientific research activities, Olympic contests, talent competitions and others focusing on academic purposes, career orientations, and internships.
  • Provide students with various programs of ideological education, political qualities, ethics and lifestyle according to the Instruction 4436/BGDĐT-CTSV of the MOET; Promoting Decision No. 10/2016/TT-BGDDT dated April 5th, 2016 of the MOET on Training regulations for university regular students.
  • Track the growth of the Party amongst students, as well as maximizing student engagements in Party and on-campus units activities; boosting student movement in a competitively training environment with the correlation of HCM Communist Youth Union, other political and social organizations.
  • Corporate with Huy Hung – Truc Hoa Vien Business, landlords in order to maintain the security of on- and off-campus dormitories.

  2.2. Healthcare, physical and spiritual recreation affairs

  • Carry out healthcare services and check-ups for each admission stage; providing periodically epidemic prevention measures and health checks; reporting UCL president the solution for the below standard cases.
  • Organize cultural, artistic and physical training events as well as competitions with the assistance of the Department of National Defense – Physical Education, Trade Union, Youth Union, Student Union.
  • Purchase and issue health/body-part insurances for students according to regulations.
  • Conduct skills training programs, career orientation, business tours, practicum, and co-op in the connection of the Center for Student Relations & Enterprise Relations, the Faculties.

  2.3. Political security, crime prevention and community safety affairs

  • Implement the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 1928/QD-TTg dated November 20th, 2009 approving the Project “Improving the quality of law provisions dissemination and education in schools”; Decision No: 3957 /QD-BGDĐT dated September 28th, 2017 of the MOET promulgating the Plan to continue implementing the Project “Improving the quality of law provisions dissemination and education in schools” until 2021.
  • Ensure political security and safety for students as well as handling student-related crimes with the support of local authorities and police closing the campus and the student accommodations.
  • Propagandize, disseminate and train students about traffic safety, anti-drugs, anti-prostitution, anti-HIV/AIDS programs and other activities related to students, guiding students to abide by the law provisions, disciplines and regulations; detecting and punishing the offenders.
  • Advise on legislation, social psychology, practical skills and job directions for students.
  • Implement Circular No. 27/2009/TT-BGDĐT dated October 19th, 2009 on promulgating the Regulations for the full-time students in the boarding areas, educational institutions and training centers. Circular No: 27/2011/TT-BGDĐT dated June 27th, 2011 of the MOET on regulations of student affairs, on-campus students at educational institutions under the national education system.

  2.4. Assistance schemes and policies implementation

  • Enact the state policies regarding scholarships, social assistance, insurance support, financial aid and others related to students.
  • Implement the state assistance policies to motivate the disabled, the war-injured, and the poor students to better learning.

2.5. Administration affairs implementation

  • Organize the reception of new students in accordance with the MOET’s and university’s regulations.
  • Issue student cards, health/ body insurance cards and other policies for students.
  • Analyze, collect and store students’ profiles according to the regulations promulgated together with Decision No. 58/2007/QD-BGDĐT dated October 12th, 2007 by the MOET.
  • Handle administrative student-related tasks such as student identification, assistance policies; assisting and monitoring for temporary residence registration and civic attitude evaluations, law provisions-abiding for each semester; guiding students to the relevant departments, faculties, or the board of rectors to meet the students’ requests. (if deemed necessary)
  • Handle student-related applications, complaints and denunciations, reporting to the board of rectors in certain cases.
  • Arrange open discussions between students and the heads of the university, departments, centers, etc.

2.6. Student complaints and denunciation processes

  • Handle student-related complaints and denunciations.
  • Link with the Training Inspection Department to clarify student complaints, complaints; providing the proper feedback to students, and reporting the violations to the board of rectors.

2.7. Collaboration affairs

  2.7.1 Internal collaborations Functional faculties

  • Manage students’ information, data, profiles
  • Implement students’ assistance policy
  • Evaluate students’ the point training
  • Supervise students’ the study and testing progress
  • Monitor students’ the compliance of the regulations and disciplines Department of Administration and Planning

  • Organize activities and events at the campus.
  • Promote environmental protection activities
  • Implement the campaign of information security assurance, crimes and social evils prevention related to staff, lecturers and students.
  • Carry out healthcare activities, work-related injuries and natural disasters prevention and protection.
  • Strengthen the human resources management.
  • Corporate to better documentation and archiving. Department of Facility management

  • Utilize facilities supporting the Department’s operation.
  • Utilize facilities supporting the students’ studying and living
  • Organize campus events and activities;
  • Implement the protection measures of public facilities, fire prevention and fighting. Center for Admission – Communication

  • Assist admission & career orientation activities
  • Manage students’ profiles
  • Carry out contents for the activities relating to political and students affairs Department of Academic Affairs

  • Propagate regulations on training, curriculum, schedule, etc.
  • Organize graduation ceremonies for students
  • Implement the policies on encouragement scholarships
  • Manage and exploit students’ data Department of Testing and Quality Assurance

  • Propagate regulations on examinations, graduation conditions, etc.
  • Check, confirm, convert students’ scores if there are changes under the direction of the board of rectors
  • Coordinate to handle student-related issues about student data. Department of Administration and Planning

  • Resolve policies on tuition fee reduction
  • Implement policies on health insurance and social insurance for students
  • Propagate students to cover tuition and fees timely
  • Organize activities and events assigned by the board of rectors Youth Union – Student Association

  • Offer and give evaluation on students’ cultural and physical activities, volunteer programs, social works.
  • Organize events and festivals
  • Organize evaluation for Student of 5 merits, Star in January, Advanced youth following Uncle Ho’s words, etc.
  • Build skills training courses and implementing social clubs management, etc.
  • Organize as well as participating in consulting activities, skills, careers, ethics, and lifestyle education for students. Center for Student Assistance and Business Relations

  • Organize activities to introduce interns, as well as assisting businesses with internship and labor recruiting;
  • Assist students with career guidance and job placement;
  • Providing soft skills training courses to students
  • Additionally, the department works with other functional units to fulfill the tasks allocated by the board of rectors.

7.2. External collaboration

  • Propagate drug prevention campaigns, and building models of self-management and self-defense among students to ensure no drug existence on the UCL campus in the connection to The Drug-Related Crime Investigating Department – Vinh Long Provincial Police.
  • Ensure traffic safety, crime and social evils prevention with the support of commune, district, provincial police and Hoa Phu Industry Zone.
  • Deliver political and ideological training programs in collaboration with the Provincial Propaganda Department. Updating national and international news to students and staff.
  • Promote propaganda campaigns on preventing HIV/AIDS infection for students in coordination with the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention.