Department of Scientific Research Affairs


Give advice and assistance for the Rector in managing, planning and implementing scientific research work, domestic and foreign projects.


  1. Preside over drafting regulations on management of scientific research work and technology development, coordinate with the faculties in planning scientific research.
  2. Develop plans of scientific research.
  3. Based on the scientific research budget, make proposal on allocating funds for scientific research and deploy annual scientific and technological activities to the units.
  4. Monitor and check the use of scientific research and technology deployment funds.
  5. Monitor and check the plans, progress of scientific research projects at all levels; summarize scientific activities for each semester and school year; propose to reward initiatives and inventions in the field of scientific research.
  6. Coordinate with Faculties, Departments, Centers, Institutes in finding funding sources to strengthen facilities for scientific research.
  7. Coordinate with other units to disseminate scientific information inside and outside the university; organize scientific conferences.
  8. Coordinate with Faculties, Departments, Centers, Institutes in scientific research cooperation with domestic and foreign units; select effective projects, programs and partners.
  9. Be responsible for management, registration of intellectual property rights, useful solutions and commercialization of scientific research results of staff, lecturers and students.