Development Strategy

Overview of University of Cuu Long


Motto: “Virtues – Knowledge – People”

Address: National Highway 1A, Long Ho Dist., Vinh Long Province

Tel: 0270. 3831155 – 0270. 3821655 – Fax: 0270. 3657011




University of Cuu Long was founded pursuant to the Decision No. 04/2000/QĐ-TTg dated 05 January 2000 by the Prime Minister. This is the first self-funded and non-public university in the Mekong Delta with the modern facilities located in the area of over 22 hectares. After 20years of continual development, Mekong University has become prestigious for its noteworthy contribution to the fields of education and training.


With the motto “Virtues – Knowledge – People”, Mekong University has striven to become a center for training students to Bachelor degree level, developing engineers through the formal training programs, equipping them with highly technical skills and fostering good characters and genuine national loyalty. With frequently updated curricula, modern teaching methodology, and applied advanced technology in accordance with international trends of education, Mekong University has developed into a leading institution and training center in the Mekong Delta, and the nation.

Sinh viên dự lể phát bằng tốt nghiệp tại Trường ĐHCL



“Knowledge Today – Success Tomorrow”

  • Diverse fields of study
  • Advanced training programs
  • Learner-friendly environment
  • Modern educational facilities
  • Affordable Audition
  • High employment opportunities


University of Cuu Long has developed accredited training programs and formal degree granting systems including college level and undergraduate level. Moreover, Mekong University is approved to implement the Master program in Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Finance – Banking. The university has been planning to implement Master programs in the fields of Information Technology, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Rural Development, Education Management, Environment and Natural Resource Management, Agronomy, Applied Mathematics.

Wishing to become a leading center for training in the Mekong Delta, the University has been continuously improving its system of syllabi; updating textbooks in line with the prestigious universities in the world, combining training with scientific research and technology transfer. The University also offers diverse training programs, capable of transferring studies from college to university, on-the-job training, associate degrees, and many other services to meet the demands of human resources development from the government agencies and private enterprises.