Dormitory Management Board


    • Address: University of Cuu Long, Highway 1A, Phu Quoi, Long Ho, Vinh Long
    • Tel: 02703.960 678
    • Email:


1. Functions

Assist the university president with off-campus supervision of international and domestic students in order to assure students’ studies, living conditions, and basic needs:

  • Approve the international and domestic students’ dorm accommodation.
  • Regulate the international and domestic students in the dorm.
  • Ensure security and safety, epidemic prevention and crime and social evils prevention in the dorm.
  • Set up activities to assist the international and domestic students in the dorm.

2. Mission

2.1. Advise the president in the development and issuance of documents related to the dorm management board.

2.2. Assign staff to be on duty in the dorm 24 hours a day to promptly handle incidents.

2.3. Monitor the international and domestic students’ activities in the dorm:

  • Disseminate the MOET’s regulations and the university’s rules on the on-campus’s management.
  • Review and sign a contract to provide dorm accommodation for international and domestic students.
  • Carry out Temporary residence registration for the dorm international and domestic students with the commune police according to regulations, manage student records and providing residence permits for international and domestic students.
  • Create a rooms diagram and tracking student books according to campus regulations. Regularly update the accommodation changes of boarding students.
  • Encourage the boarding students’ self-managing activities.
  • Develop emulation criteria among the boarding rooms/rows in terms of security maintenance, environment and landscape sanitation.

2.4. Periodically examine, promptly upgrade, repair, and renovate rooms, water /drainage/ power supply systems, infrastructure, and living facilities in the dorm with the support of the Department of Facility Management

2.5. Plan and implement fire prevention measures, regularly inspect firefighting equipment at the dorm with Fire Prevention and Fighting Team and others.

2.6. Effectively implement measures to ensure political security and safety in the dorm with the support of security guards, functional units, local police and authorities.

2.7. Promote tree planting and gardening activities around the dorm with the assistance of the Department of Administration and Planning; tighten the pest control to maintain environmental hygiene in the dorm surroundings.  In time sending the sicks to the proper locations for medical examination and treatment with the help of the campus’s health clinic.

2.8. Build training activities in the dorm with the coordination of the  Political & Student Affairs Department.

2.9. Utilize the student and service activities in the residential area such as self-study, utility room, recreation office (reading & watching), and campus facilities.

2.10. Implement the decentralization and accountability of the Dormitory Management Board and of each individual according to regulations.

2.11. Undertake other duties as assigned by the board of rectors.