Faculty of Foreign Languages

ENGLISH LANGUAGE (specializing in International Business English)

Degree awarded: Bachelor of English Language

Duration: 3.5 years full time

The program is designed to help learners:

  • Accomplish the vocabulary knowledge and terms in business administration, tourism, and hospitality, human resource management along with practical skills of communication, negotiation, problem-solving in enterprises
  • Obtain theoretical training in linguistics and language principles
  • Master the advanced translation and interpretation skills at conferences, in enterprises paperwork (emails, letters of recommendation, contracts, etc.)

Career opportunities:

  • Be employable into the state-owned/ private enterprises, non-government organizations, joint ventures, foreign-invested companies, multinational companies, education institutions.

Extracurricular activities

  • English Speaking Club organizes regular close meetings on social topics to gain students’ confidence without language barrier worries such as English speaking contests, Role-play.
  • Annually, students get chances for joining international conferences in Vietnam and foreign countries (the US, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.)