Faculty of Social Sciences And Humanities


Degree awarded: Bachelor of Vietnamese Language and Culture

Duration: 3.5 years full time

The program is designed to help learners:

  • Apply scientific knowledge about the nature, characteristics, and history of Vietnamese and world literature, research conducts.
  • Get a deep understanding of language knowledge in communication, drafting of documents and methods of teaching literature, etc.
  • Obtain skills to perceive and evaluate literary issues such as writing criticism, teaching, etc.

Career opportunities:

  • Be employable into literature and linguistics research institutes, education institutions, editorial offices, advertising and media publishing industry, television and broadcast stations.



Degree awarded: Bachelor of Social Work

Duration: 3.5 years full time

The program is designed to help learners:

  • Get in-depth knowledge of individual and group social work and community development.
  • Learn to process of intervention and support for clients, client groups
  • Enhance personal and professional skills: listening – communication, teamwork, problem-solving, recognizing and classifying data on social policies, social issues, developing creative thinking; organizing group activities and socializing



Degree awarded: Bachelor of Oriental Studies

Duration: 3.5 years full time

The program is designed to help learners:

  • Obtain in-depth knowledge of the country’s language, history, culture, geography, etc.)
  • Broaden understanding of translating and interpreting services, travel services, commercial operations, etc.
  • Foster personal and professional skills of living environment adaption, group-work, communication and behaviors in a multicultural environment, recognizing and classifying information about the study area and country international relations, and social communication skills.

Career Opportunities:

  • Be employable into travel agencies, education institutions, government or non-government organizations, national and international organizations.

Extracurricular Activities

  • In-campus literature club frequently organizes contests on social topics and literary composition which helps students improve their practical skills.