Information to The Press And Lecturers about The of The Establishment of University of Cuu Long

Information to The Press and Lecturers about The of The Establishment of University Of Cuu Long

University of Cuu Long was established under Decision No. 04/2000/QD-TTg dated January 5, 2000 by the Prime Minister, is the first university in Vinh Long and the first private university in Mekong Delta.         

On October 2, 2018, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 1293/QD-TTg on the conversion of Cuu Long Private University into an equitized University.


After 20 years of development, University of Cuu Long has been asserting its role as a prestigious and high quality training, scientific research and technology transfer center in the Mekong Delta region, in the country and in Southeast Asia. With many strengths in training activities, scientific research and international cooperation, University of Cuu Long today has gained great achievements to be proud of.

          Lễ kỷ niệm 20 năm thành lập trường Đại học Cửu Long diễn ra từ ngày 13/12/2020 đến ngày 15/12/2020 với chủ đề: “Đại học Cửu Long – 20 năm hành trình và phát triển”  cùng với chuỗi các hoạt động:

The 20th anniversary University of Cuu Long takes place from December 13, 2020 to December 15, 2020 with the theme: ” University of Cuu Long – 20 year journey of development” along with a series of activities:

  1. International scientific conference on “Food safety and hygiene in the value chain in the Mekong Delta”
  2. University of Cuu Long 20th Anniversary Celebration
  3. Opening of the Technology Supply and Demand connection point under the Ministry of Science and Technology
  4. Series of events:

+ Mekong Delta cultural and music exchange evening

+ UCL Gala

+ Competitions and other cultural and artistic activities.

         University of Cuu Long is a multi-disciplinary and multi-field university. Its educational achievements are outstanding. Since its establishment, the University has trained and granted university diplomas to nearly 26,000 bachelors and engineers of 24 majors and 44 sub-majors; 580 Masters in Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Construction Engineering, Vietnamese Literature and Food Industry. UCL’s graduates have earned high prestige, held key positions in enterprises, agencies, organizations and society.

In international training and cooperation, University of Cuu Long is the leading unit in the Mekong Delta region in supporting the training of high-quality human resources for countries as Laos and Cambodia. In addition, the university has focused on implementing international cooperation and training, conducting scientific research cooperation, organizing student-faculty exchanges, cultural and academic exchanges, organizing educational events, seminars, conferences to approach new science and technology and advanced training programs of many countries to be applied in Vietnam’s conditions. Moreover, the school focuses on cooperation, support and transfer of new technologies from enterprises and universities from the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc. to University of Cuu Long to improve the quality of training. Many projects have been successfully implemented such as exchange program of lecturers and students; associate training, trainees; project investment, education and scientific research funding…

         In addition to focusing on teaching quality, University of Cuu Long has gradually built and implemented activities for scientific research for staff, lecturers and students. Up to now, the school has successfully researched and implemented 324 scientific research projects at all levels including 01 state-level project, 08 ministerial-level projects, provincial-level projects, 148 institution-level projects and 167 faculty-level projects. Among these, many projects by students won prizes of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam in the scientific research.

 In Quality Assurance, in 2018, the school was recognized as meeting the quality accreditation standards of educational institutions according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training. This is a great achievement of University of Cuu Long, further affirming the prestige and quality in the management, teaching, learning and research of the University.

With 20 year – journey of development, Cuu Long University has been awarded many noble titles by domestic and international organizations such as Golden Symbol of Vietnamese Human Resources, Vietnam Golden Brand for Gold Quality Products/Services in 2020, Top 10 Vietnamese Brands in 2020, Record of University with the largest solar power plant in Vietnam , Top 100 universities to study in Vietnam and many other noble titles.

In the celebration, Cuu Long University was honored to receive the Third Class Labor Medal from the state President, Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister. Certificates of Merit from the Ministry of Education and Sports, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Laos and awards from the ministries and Vinh Long province as organization and individuals with outstanding achievements and great contribution to the cause of education and training of human resources.

 University of Cuu Long, under the leadership of the board of trustees, Party Committee and Board of Rectors, is determined to continue to promote and improve training efficiency in line with the mission of being a center for training skilled, highly qualified, ethical human resources imbued with the national spirit, serving the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country, and center for technology application and transfer, meeting the needs of society and integrating into the world.

Details on the series of events of 20th anniversary of UCL (attached file)