Testing & Quality Assurance Department

I. Contact information

Room 202, 3rd floor, Administrative Building.

Phone: 02703.831433

Email: phongkt@mku.edu.vn .

Website address: http://mku.vn/edusoft


1. Functions


Coordinate with other units to organize entrance exams, final exams and other exams for all levels and academic programs in the institution; administer exam papers and test scores according to regulations.

Quality assurance:

Deploy quality accreditation process, overcome the backlogs in inspection, make self-assessment reports and reports for external assessment, ensure internal quality to meet the demand, prepare the conditions for ranking regionally and internationally.

2. Responsibilities

a) Testing

  • Be based on the overall annual academic plan, develop a testing plan with specific timelines in each semester and school year, and publicize the plan at the beginning of the school year.
  • Propose, update and supplement testing regulations and processes from examination regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training for approval, issue to other units and upload on the website.
  • Be based on other unit’s plan, issue testing decisions for the entrance exams, final exams of all levels, be responsible for handling midterm test scores, follow procedures from organizing the exam, copying the test questions, handling the test papers, and the test scores to publish results in strict accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and security regulations.
  • Periodically report on organization of exams, exam results, and summarize grades in semester.
  • Manage exam scores on the website, instruct students to access the exam schedule and check their test scores.
  • Store test questions, test papers, test scores at top security in accordance with regulations.
  • Resolve test complaints about test papers, test scores and other relevant issues.

b) Quality assurance

  • Issue a quality assurance plan for each school year.
  • Update accreditation information, develop a plan to overcome the backlogs in accreditation.
  • Deploy and process student feedback information about teaching activities, summarize percentage of items in the feedback form, inform the results to the leaders and lecturers for reference in the management and improvement of academic quality.
  • Coordinate with faculties to handle feedback sheets from seniors, alumni, and businesses about academic programs.
  • Coordinate with other units in quality accreditation of academic programs and external assessment, overcome the backlogs, make self-assessment reports to accreditation institutions according to standards.
  • Sign up for university rankings.
  • Deploy relevant information on quality assurance to other units.
  • Participate in quality assurance training as convened by domestic accreditation centers and by the Ministry of Education and Training.

3. Autonomy and accountability:

3.1 Responsibilities:

– the Head of Department makes a plan for the school year, develops annual quality assurance contents, sends to the national Quality Management Department, assigns workload to staff in each semester, directs the department to fulfill its functions and tasks, advises the rector and takes responsibilities for activities of the department, supports other units.

– the Deputy Head of Department is responsible to the Board of Rectors and Head of Department for the assigned tasks, on behalf of the Head of Department handles issues assigned by the Head of the Department.

– Specialists are responsible to the Head of Department for the assigned tasks.

3.2 Accountability:

The head of the department is fully responsible for periodical and irregular reporting regime related to the functions and tasks of the head to the Board of Rectors.

Contents are weekly, monthly and quarterly plans to perform the functions and tasks of the department and individuals according to the regulations.